Make Love, Not War at Finder411 

No denying it, Yelp is a household name.  Love 'em or hate 'em as a small business owner - they aren't going any place because they provide value as a crowd-sourcing megaphone for customers - and let's face it, as human beings we tend to air our gripes more than a pleasant experience.

Finder411 Acquires Raleigh-based The Community Corkboard, LLC 

We are very excited to share our recent acquisition of The Community Corkboard, a Raleigh-based company with over 35 active paying customers throughout the Triangle market. 

Finder411 and The Community Corkboard negotiated a deal allowing all existing customers to lock in at their existing Community Corkboard rates, providing a savings to loyal clients while offering excellent online visibility and new customers.

Top 3 Online Marketing Myths for Small Business 

Frenzied Business Owner

Finder411 Entered in Female Startup Competition 

I'm pretty pumped to be included in April’s Grow America Competition.

Today’s Small Business Owners Need More Than Passion 

Perhaps that story goes a little like this: You were laid off from your corporate job or you just got tired of “working for the man.” You realized that there’s no better time than now to go after your dream of owning your own boutique, donut shop, yoga studio, or whatever your business passion may be. You know it will take a lot of work, but at least you will no longer be punching someone else’s clock and you’ll be doing something that you really care about.

Finder411, The People’s Platform, gains momentum for Spring Launch 

Premium Basic ProfileFinder411 is being built as “the people’s platform”, an online community and resource directory exclusively where those who care about the hyper-local movement can find needed and sought after small businesses.  Ones that add variety, fun, and ease to their liv

Finder411 Tackles Hyperlocal Movement 

Small business owners, this one’s for you. Most of you can probably relate.

Blast Off! NC Small Business “Love” Contest Launches 

It’s February, and what better time to show some love.  For small businesses, that is!

NC Contest Showing Small Business Love 

At Finder411, we’re certainly all about small businesses. But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to start things big! Our “Show Some Love” contest is coming February 6th!

So what’s all this love you’re supposed to show? Love for your favorite small business.

Finder411 Mission 

We all know those websites. The ones that assail you with ads the second you arrive. Click here. Click there. Click on something totally not relevant to anything you’re looking for. Pretty soon those ads are all you can focus on! Who wants to bother with that? We sure don’t.

That’s why Finder411 was created. To get rid of that advertising and focus exclusively on small local businesses:  those who own them and those who support them.