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Finding the Perfect Photo Shoot Location 

You’ve already decided that you want to document an important event in your life in portrait form. Whether the pictures are in honor of a birthday, a graduation, or just a time in your life that you don’t want to forget, picking a good location is an important aspect. Scala Photography has some tips for choosing the right place to have your next portraits taken.

Pick some place you are comfortable.

Know Your Options: The Ins and Outs of Personal Insurance 

With more than 25 years in the industry, Bruce Matthews (CWM®, CTEP®)has the knowledge and professional experience to guide you through your insurance options. Matthews and his team at TruOptions in Raleigh offer a wide range of services in the areas of financial planning and insurance, with the kind of personalized focus you can only get from a locally-rooted business.

Scala Photography: Life Preserved 

When you're selecting a photographer for an important event, you're really making a decision about who to place your trust in. Who will have the eye to recognize the essential moment when it arrives? Who will bring the preparation and technical skill necessary to capture and draw out the full potential of this moment? Events can be repeated (you can renew wedding vows again and again), but each event exists in a unique point in time, and when it's gone, it can't be revived. Photographers only get one opportunity, so they better be able to grab it.