Today’s Small Business Owners Need More Than Passion

Perhaps that story goes a little like this: You were laid off from your corporate job or you just got tired of “working for the man.” You realized that there’s no better time than now to go after your dream of owning your own boutique, donut shop, yoga studio, or whatever your business passion may be. You know it will take a lot of work, but at least you will no longer be punching someone else’s clock and you’ll be doing something that you really care about. You take out a small loan and make it happen. And then the real work begins.

Frenzied Business OwnerYou’ve gotten off the ground, but now you have to get people in the door. You are already committing 110% of yourself to the day-to-day operations of keeping your business going; now you have websites to update, social media to engage in, emails to answer, advertising to list, and review sites to worry about. You start getting calls from national online directories, internet marketing companies, and review sites telling you that they can deliver lots of traffic through advertising and consulting services to your website and business. Of course, that comes with price tag of hundreds, even thousands of dollars a month!

But what other options do you have? Let’s think about this:

  1. You have your network of family and friends who can help you with some online word-of-mouth promotions
  2. Perhaps a couple of ads in the local weekly newspaper
  3. If you know enough about creating an online presence to start your own social media sites and maybe even a blog, you have that advantage, but who has the time to commit to those platforms much less use them effectively?

And then you have the national online review and advertising sites – that, while geo-targeted, offer little by way of online word-of-mouth – simply reliant on a ‘click-through’ to walk-in conversion.  While they promise reach and results, “it’s gonna cost you!

Finder411 Simplify

It’s stories like this that lead us to create Finder411.

We are an online community platform exclusively for small businesses and those who want to support and endorse them at the local level. Offering the ability for deep consumer engagement, social sharing, and personalized small business stories.  Finder411 will bring significant value to locally-minded consumers and those small businesses that are the backbone of each local community.

We would love to have you as a part of Finder411.   Let us share with you how we can help effectively increase your business without breaking the bank.  Finder411, where we celebrate small local businesses.

Our Triangle launch is scheduled for late Spring 2013.